Fixes for common Asterisk / SAIL issues

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Android Issues


cSipSimple on Android devices when connected to SAIL (tested on v4.1-12) through a VPN as a local endpoint suffers from one way audio (cannot receive audio on the Android Device) in Android v4.1.1 but is okay on Android v4.2.2 and above. This is mitigated by adding the following:


to the sip configuration for the endpoint.

Another method suggested is to use STUN.

Expert / Advanced Mode

  • Forwarding of the RTP ports in Expert / Advanced mode solves audio issues.
  • RTP ports are 4000 to 4007 in CSipSimple.

Install without PlayStore connection

Android devices are generally expect to be online to install any app from Google PlayStore. If you wish to install apps directly, enable untrusted sites to be allowed to provide apk files for that session, upload the apps directly to your trusted site and download and install it from there. Apps installed on devices would generally have cached the installer apk in the Downloads folder of the device.

Rename the apk files for ease of entry in the device browser to say c.apk and cc.apk.

Generic Asterisk Issues

SIP response 486

Got SIP response 486 "Busy Here" back from ....

Reboot phone / endpoint

SAIL specific Issues


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