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SARK/SAIL is a fast, lightweight, Asterisk-based PBX, with a browser GUI component, a SIP provisioning system, an Asterisk code generator and a compiled logic and switching engine. It currently runs on Ubuntu and Debian on either Intel or ARM. SARK and SAIL are essentially the same product, the difference is that SARK is the supported commercial release while SAIL is supported by the community. You will see the names 'SARK' and 'SAIL' used interchangeably throughout these pages.

The product has established a reputation for being easy-to-use with a very small footprint while being functionally able to compete with and exceed traditional proprietary PBX offerings at a much lower overall cost-of-ownership.

SARK/SAIL is delivered as a series of .deb packages ready to be installed onto a freshly installed Ubuntu, or Debian, 64 bit instance.

SARK/SAIL is distributed under the terms of the GPL and other licenses.